Featured Lectures

internationalChallenges in Anesthesiology: ESA Panel
This symposium will address the challenges for anesthesiology in the growing field of evidence-based perioperative medicine.

Opening Session
Jason Hwang, M.D., M.B.A. is Chief Medical Officer and one of the founders of PolkaDoc and co-authored The Innovator's Prescription: A Disruptive Solution for Health Care

Ellison C. Pierce Lecture
This lecture will review the rationale for and the different types of cognitive aids that have been developed for perioperative settings, with an emphasis on emergency manuals.

APSF Workshop
This workshop will concentrate on the practical aspects of systematically implementing Emergency Manuals in perioperative settings.

internationalWFSA Panel
International speakers will cover how healthcare is structured and financed, how anesthesia is reimbursed, and experience over the past decade in dealing with government.

internationalProfessionalism: International Perspective
International speakers will describe how professionalism is applied in their environments. This can help improve both global understanding of medical issues and enhance patient outcomes.

Ovassapian Lecture
In the Ovassapian Lecture, the speaker will describe the organization of preoperative information and the clinician's self-assessment, with the goal of choosing a safe algorithm entry.

internationalPerioperative Management Endocrine
This 90 minute panel will focus on the perioperative management of patients with important endocrine disorders from a global perspective.

internationalInternational Forum on Patient Safety and Quality Outcomes
This special forum will address international issues in anesthesiology safety, quality and research.

Rovenstine Lecture
Speaker will present on the health care system of the future, embracing perioperative care that is organized, physician-led, team-based, and driven by quality and cost-containment.

Celebration of Research
The Celebration of Research is a way to recognize and emphasize the important research being done in the field of anesthesiology.

FAER Honorary Research Lecture
The FAER Honorary Research Lecture recognizes outstanding scholarship by a scientist in an effort to encourage young anesthesiologists to consider careers in research and teaching.

Patrick Sim Forum
This forum will explore the arcs of the careers of the Laureates of History of Anesthesia, their motivation to study anesthesia history, best and worst moments, and advice they would give to aspiring historians.

John W. Severinghaus Lecture
This lecture tells the story of how opiods were studied, how insights gained were then verified in clinical trials, and how this new knowledge can guide clinical practice, improve clinical outcomes, guide practice.

Lewis H. Wright Memorial Lecture
The Lewis H. Wright Memorial Lecture of the Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology (WLM) honors Dr. Lewis Wright, a distinguished pioneer in American anesthesiology.