Ancillary/Affiliate Meeting and Event Space Program

The ASA welcomes affiliated organizations, industry and other groups to gather, meet and host special events during designated and ASA approved dates and times in conjunction with the ANESTHESIOLOGYTM 2014 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, CA between Saturday, October 11, and Tuesday, October 14, 2014. ASA recognizes that industry may be interested in meeting and/or holding receptions, dinners and other special events, and ASA can provide resources to facilitate these functions. Organizers and related organizations may request meeting/event space for their own private functions provided the function conforms to the ASA criteria for content and scheduling.

The majority of ASA educational sessions and activities will take place at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center  and the ASA Headquarter Hotel, Hilton New Orleans Riverside . In collaboration with the New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau , the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) controls and manages the scheduling of affiliate/ancillary functions at all ASA designated New Orleans, LA hotels and District special event venues. To secure ASA Event/Meeting space, industry organizations and exhibiting companies must complete a request application for every affiliate function held during the ANESTHESIOLOGYTM 2014 Annual Meeting.

First priority assignments are given to ASA Committee/Governance Meetings, ASA affiliate subspecialties and ancillary organizations with seats in the ASA House of Delegates. Once the function has been approved, space will be assigned from the designated hotels and special event venues. These hotels and venues are instructed not to assign meeting space to affiliate organizations unless approval has been received from ASA. The affiliate organization and/or its agents will work directly with the assigned hotel/venue’s convention service manager to coordinate arrangements pertaining to the proposed event. Approval is required for all affiliate/ancillary events, independent of whether the organization is requesting function space.

Definition of an Ancillary/Affiliate Event
Ancillary events are non-ASA sponsored events such as committee meetings, business meetings, focus/research groups, Exhibitor pre-conference meetings, alumni gatherings, receptions, and event dinners that are held during the official dates of the ANESTHESIOLOGYTM 2014 Annual Meeting (October 11-15). 

Guidelines for Ancillary/Affiliate Meetings
The ANESTHESIOLOGYTM 2014 Annual Meeting brings together more than 16,000 professional attendees committed to raise and maintain the standards of the medical practice of anesthesiology and improve the care of the patient. This presents a prime opportunity for affiliates of ASA – exhibitors, corporate supporters, ASA members, patient groups, and nonprofit organizations – to hold meetings and events in connection with the seven days surrounding and during-the ASA Annual Scientific Meeting and Exposition. ASA encourages affiliates organizations and corporations to take advantage of this opportunity, and has established a set of guidelines to be followed when planning and hosting affiliate/ancillary meetings during the ASA Annual Meeting. All affiliate/ancillary meetings held in conjunction with the ASA Annual Meeting, from Saturday, October 11, 2014 through Tuesday, October 14, 2014 must adhere to these guidelines, regardless of the meeting location. ASA will accommodate as many event/meeting space requests as possible. Requests will be considered on a space available basis. All requests are scheduled at ASA’s discretion and can be cancelled.

Ancillary/Affiliate Meeting Requests
The main contact for each ancillary meeting request is responsible for assuring that all vendors, speakers, and meeting invitees understand and comply with the following guidelines. A violation of these guidelines will be attributed to all parties related to that meeting/event request. All ancillary meetings held during the ASA annual meeting must be approved by ASA. To obtain approval, an Ancillary Meeting & Event Room Request must be completed and submitted to ASA.

Each Ancilary Meeting/Event Room Request Application must include:

  • The identity of the sponsoring affiliate organization or comapany requesting the ancillary meeting
  • The date, start time and end tme of the ancillary meeting/event
  • The speaker name and affiliations of the persons responsible and conducting the ancillary meeting
  • A breif description o the purpose and objectives of the ancilary meeting/event
  • The signature release of the ancillary appplication

Meeting/Event space is limited and Ancillary Meeting/Event Room Requests that comply with these guidelines will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. A non-refundable administrative fee on all exhibitor application requests, and will be charged at the time of submission.  The deadline for Ancillary Applications is Friday, August 8, 2014.

Space for ancillary meetings will be provided only to requestors who are affiliated with ASA, such as subspecialty society’s ASA-related affiliates, exhibitors, corporate supporters, nonprofit organizations, and ASA members.

Designated Special Event Venues and Hotels in the ASA room block will not reserve meeting rooms/function space for ancillary meetings for any individuals/organizations during the ASA annual meeting without prior approval from ASA.

The main contact is responsible for all costs associated with the approved ancillary meeting (food/beverage, audio/visual, equipment, labor costs, etc.). It is the main contact’s responsibility to work with the assigned hotel to make arrangements and finalize billing.

Dates and Times of Ancillary/Affiliate Meetings
All ancillary meetings and events held in conjunction with the ASA annual meeting must adhere to these guidelines, regardless of location. ASA strictly enforces the blackout dates/ times at the request of our members and affiliates, who often feel torn between ASA sessions and non-ASA meetings and events. Ancillary events must not overlap with scientific sessions or poster presentations or designated ASA programming, as outlined under the Annual Meeting schedule. With ASA approval, Ancillary events may be conducted during the following hours outlined below:

Fri., Oct. 10                   Sat., Oct. 11         Sun., Oct. 12         Mon., Oct. 13     Tues., Oct. 14 
 6 am - 11 pm 6 am to 8 am  6 am to 8 am  6 am to 8 am  6 am to 8 am
   After 7 pm  After 6 pm  After 6 pm  After 6 pm


NOTE: ASA is not responsible for subsequent schedule changes made by the AMOC Committee or by the chairs of ASA Committees. Ancillary organizers will be notified if their request time must be changed.

Promotion of Ancillary/Affiliate Meetings
Promotional materials associated with each meeting/function must first be submitted to ASA for review and final approval. All promotional materials and invitations for ancillary meetings/events must include the following statement: This meeting is NOT an official program of the ASA Annual Meeting. The name American Society of Anesthesiologists, the acronym ASA, ASA logo and the ASA Annual Meeting logo are registered trademarks of the American Society of Anesthesiologists. Use of the aforementioned in conjunction with promotional materials without the express written consent of ASA is prohibited.

Promotion of meeting/events is not permitted in/around the convention center, in the headquarter hotels, or through "room drops." ASA does not provide its mailing list for ancillary meeting use. 

Limited, modest, on-site directional signage for ancillary meeting attendees is allowed. Signage must be specific; signs should clearly state the name and location of the event and should be professional in nature.

Release and Indemnification of ASA
The submitter shall protect, indemnify, hold harmless and defend ASA, its officers, directors, agents, members and employees against all such claims, liabilities, losses, damages and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs of litigation, resulting from submitter’s negligence or willful misconduct; provided that the foregoing shall not apply to injury, loss or damage caused by or resulting from the negligence of ASA, its officers, directors, agents, members or employees.

Application Fees
All applications for Exhibitors must be accompanied by a non-refundable administrative fee.

 Administrative Fee           Submission Date                Affiliate            Exhibitor        
 Early Bird Discount  On or Before April 1  No Fee  $100
 Regular Admission Fee  After April 1  No Fee  $200

To qualify for early-bird fee, applications forms must be postmarked no later than Tuesday, April 1, 2014. Application forms mailed, faxed or emailed after Tuesday, April 1, 2014 will be charged the Regular Administrative Fee. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made for late submissions.

To Request Meeting Space 
Review Meeting/Event Space Request Terms & Conditions. Provide a Signature of Agreement to the Meeting Space Request Terms and Conditions. Submit one meeting/event space request application for each meeting/event room requested. Return completed applications via email to the ASA Meetings & Exhibits Department, to the attention of Marcia Perzyna, Meeting Planner at or fax to (847) 825-1692. All changes to meeting space request must be made in writing and submitted to the ASA for review. Approval is required for all ANESTHESIOLOGYTM 2014 Meeting affiliate/ancillary events, independent of whether the organization is requesting function space. No applications will be accepted after Friday, August 8, 2014.

Application Type
Please select below the application that corresponds with your affiliation:

Affiliate Apllication

Exhibitor Apllication

Once Your Meeting Space Is Assigned
Meeting/Event space assignments will be released beginning the week of June 23, 2014. Once you receive the event space assignment, you will work directly with the hotel/venue to set up billing, and confirm the details of your proposed event.  You must contract with the assigned hotel/venue. Food and beverage minimums and/or meeting room rental charges may apply.  If you cancel your function, you may be liable to pay cancellation fees to the hotel. Your promotional materials must not imply that your function is endorsed by the ASA or is related to the official program of the ANESTHESIOLOGYTM 2014 Annual Meeting - New Orleans, LA

To Request Meeting Space with Payment by Credit Card
Submit application via Email/Fax, to submit a meeting space request form and pay by credit card please complete application and submit to the ASA Meetings & Exhibits Department, to the attention of Marcia Perzyna, Meeting Planner at or fax to (847) 825-1692.

To Request Meeting Space with Payment by Check
Submit via Mail, to submit a meeting space request form with payment by check, please complete the information and return it with your payment to American Society of Anesthesiologists, ANESTHESIOLOGYTM 2014 - Ancillary Meeting Space Program, Attn. Marcia Perzyna, Meeting Planner, 520 No. Northwest Highway, Park Ridge, IL 60068-2573. Make checks payable to "American Society of Anesthesiologists."

Submission Deadline: Friday, August 8, 2014. Requests will not be accepted after this date. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made for late submissions. ASA will review your request and contact you for more information if necessary.
Room confirmations will be sent via email beginning the week of June 23, 2014. Final room assignments are subject to change. All changes to meeting space request must be made in writing and submitted to the ASA for review.

NOTE: ASA reserves the right to attend/monitor all ancillary meetings without notice. Violators will jeopardize participation in future ASA annual meetings and, if an exhibitor, their priority point standing may be impacted.
Please contact Marcia Perzyna, Meeting Planner at or phone at 847-862-9120 with any questions or for more information.