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Your Comments Invited on Physician Performance Measure Set

May 2, 2007


The Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement has posted the 'Public Comment Draft Version' of the Physician Performance Measure Set for Anesthesiology on line at:


(The set of measures will download to your computer as an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file).   If you wish to file comments, please use the following link:


The Anesthesiology measures are as follows:

Measure #1 Prevention of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia

Measure #2 Stress Ulcer Disease Prophylaxis in Ventilated Patients

Measure #3 Prevention of Cather-Related Bloodstream Infections
(CRBSI) -  Cather Insertion Protocol

Measure #4 Perioperative Temperature Management for Surgical Patients Under General Anesthesia

Measures  1 & 2 are designed for any anesthesiologist (or other physician) providing care in the ICU.  Development of these measures has been led by Anesthesiology-based intensivists and your comments on improving patient care are appreciated.

Measure 3 is intended for anesthesiologists (and other physicians) placing central venous catheters.  Support of this measure via on-line comment continues to reinforce Anesthesiologists as thought and practice leaders in patient safety.

Measure 4 is designed for anesthesiologists providing care during a surgical procedure.  Please note that on ASA has already made a recommendation regarding Measure 4, Perioperative Temperature Management, for revision of the bundle to include the option of documenting the clinician's application of an active warming intervention.  The addition of this "process" option allows the anesthesiologist caring for patients predisposed to hypothermia to report and receive credit for efforts to maintain normothermia. 


Thank you for your prompt and timely attention to this matter.   If you would like to share your comments with us, please send copies to mail@asawash.org, Attention: PCPI Comments.

Gerald A. Maccioli, MD, FCCM
Chairman, ASA Committee on Critical Care Medicine
President, American Society of Critical Care Anesthesiologists

Alexander A. Hannenberg, MD
Vice President for Professional Affairs
American Society of Anesthesiologists