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December 18, 2014

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FDA MedWatch Respironics California Esprit V1000 and V200 Ventilators Class I Recall

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June 2010: Michael J. Oleyar, AMA Alternate Delegate, provides information about the ASA Medical Student Component at the AMA Meeting’s Specialties Showcase.
  AMA Meeting’s Specialties Showcase AMA Meeting’s Specialties Showcase
March 2010:

2009-2010 ASA Medical Student Component Governing Council members present at the ASA March Board Meeting.

Left to Right:  Jeremy Haney, AMA Delegate; Matthew C. Gertsch, Chair Elect; James E. Phillips, Chair; Kevin J. Walsh, Secretary; Caroline Bradley Gibson Hunter, Member at Large.
October 2009: Photos from the Fall Medical Student Component Meeting
  October 2009 MSC Meeting October 2009 MSC Meeting
  October 2009 MSC Meeting October 2009 MSC Meeting
March 2009: Members present at the 2009 Board of Directors meeting in Chicago, IL. From left to right James Phillips, Chair-Elect; Jill Cooley, Secretary; Michael Oleyar, Chair; Caroline Watson, Member-At-Large; Ryan Einsminger, Alternate
  MSC Governing Council
October 2008:

In October 2008, the ASA MSC held its first House of Delegates meeting in Orlando, Florida.  The meeting turned out to be a great success with over 70 delegates present and over 100 medical student members in attendance.  Dr. Jerome Modell gave the Keynote Address, and a panel of prominent anesthesiologists gave students insight on the intricacies of anesthesiology residency.  Following the House of Delegates meeting, an informal Meet and Greet session gave students the opportunity to casually meet with a dozen program directors from residency programs across the country.

  Photo from October 08 HoD Meeting Photo from October 08 HoD Meeting
October 2007:
The Resolution to make the Medical Student Delegation a separate component of the ASA passes at the House of Delegates with the full support of Ron L Harter, MD, Vice-Chair of Education at Ohio State University. Henceforth, the Medical Student Component acts with its own budget and works will full support of the Resident Component and the Committee on Medical Students and Residents.
August 2007:
Medical Student Delegation is awarded five non-voting seats in the A.S.A. House of Delegates.
March 2007:
Third Annual MSD Officers Meeting in San Antonio, TX.
photo from the March 2007 MSD Officers Meeting
New officers are selected to serve the 2007-2008 term.
ASA Annual Meeting Chicago.  The MSD gets full access to conference facilities to host our first ever House of Delegates, with guest speakers including a Board member of F.A.E.R and The Rural Access to Anesthesia Committee.  Forty-two medical students attend from all across the country as official delegates.  The process for becoming an official component of the ASA is set in motion.
  ASA Meeting ASA Meeting
  ASA Meeting ASA Meeting
  ASA Meeting ASA Meeting
February 2006:
Second Annual MSD Officers Meeting in Burlington, VT
  MSD Officers Meeting MSD Officers Meeting
October 2005:
At the ASA Annual Meeting, the MSD votes for the first time at the RC HOD. New officers are chosen from an applicant pool of fifty people
September 2005: Inaugural Medical Student Governing Council meets in Rochester, NY
November 2004: E-mails are sent out to the more than 50 members of the ASA MSD to call for applications for leadership positions. More than 30 applications are received, and the 2005 MSD Officers are selected:
Co-Chair: Emmett E. Whitaker, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York; Co-Chair: Cheri A. Camacho, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York; Chair-Elect: Mark A. Hoeft, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont; Secretary: Mary M. Casciano, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Newark, New Jersey; Member-at-Large: Robert McGraw, Texas Tech Health Sciences University, Lubbock, Texas. Alternate Matthew E. Ockander, Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine, Glendale, Arizona; Alternate Paul A. Rookard, Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, Lubbock, Texas; Alternate Alla Tauber, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York; Senior Advisor: Kent D. Burr, Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, Kirksville, Missouri.
October 2004: With a growing membership, Emmett and Cheri attend the ASA
2004 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada. Other medical students attend, and the first official meeting of the ASA MSD is held. It is decided that the five medical student representatives also will hold offices within the ASA MSD, including Co-chairs, Chair-Elect, Secretary and Member-at-Large. A decision is made to solicit applications from the existing ASA MSD members to form this committee. The resolution to add the MSD is voted upon and unanimously approved by the House of Delegates. .
August 2004: Emmett and Cheri are invited to write a column for the monthly ASA NEWSLETTER *"Residents' Review," announcing the acceptance of a Medical Student Delegation. The column introduces the delegation and is an official call for members.
July 2004: Letters are mailed out to all 125 allopathic medical schools announcing the formation of the MSD. A floppy disk is included in the envelope with a copy of our announcement. This brings in many new members.
June 2004:
Resolutions are drawn up by ASA to include a Medical Student Delegation in ASA on an official basis. At the Interim Meeting of the ASA Board of Directors, a resolution is drawn up to include a Medical Student Delegation within the ASA Resident Component. The resolution is included in the minutes and is set to be voted upon at the October 2004 ASA Annual Meeting.
January 2004:
Emmett and Cheri collaborate to draw up a proposal to ASA to institute a Medical Student Delegation in ASA. The proposal is based on the existing Medical Student Section within the Emergency Medicine Residents Association, which is well developed and effective. The proposal is sent to ASA.
December 2003:
Second-year medical student Emmett E. Whitaker of the University of Rochester, Rochester, New York, meets with 2004 ASA President Roger W. Litwiller, M.D., and suggests more involvement and resources for medical students interested in anesthesiology. Dr. Litwiller supports the idea fully and recruits University of Rochester Chair of Anesthesiology, James L. Robotham, M.D., to sponsor the movement, which is based out of Rochester. Dr. Robotham also enthusiastically supports the idea and suggests the involvement of University of Rochester Anesthesiology Interest Group Founder and President, Cheri A. Camacho, who also is a second-year medical student at Rochester.