ASA Annual Meeting Supporter


  • Logo in ASA Annual Meeting Supporter Ad (shared with all companies in Corporate Supporter Program)
    • ASA NEWSLETTER (2Xs per year around the annual meeting)
    • Anesthesiology (1X per year around the annual meeting)
  • Ability to use Annual Meeting Supporter designation on promotional material
  • Recognition as a ASA Annual Meeting Supporter on (ASA annual meeting website); minimum three months
  • Announcement of participation as ASA Annual Meeting Supporter through ASA social media channels:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Online Community
    • YouTube
  • New! Recognition as an ASA Annual Meeting Supporter in ASA News throughout the annual meeting


  • New! Shared text recognition in Connect ANESTHESIOLOGY™ 2014, communication piece sent to all registered annual meeting attendees: monthly eblast (4Xs per year)
  • New! Shared text recognition in Go ANESTHESIOLOGY™ 2014, promotional piece sent to more than 50,000 members, non-members and healthcare professionals: monthly eblast (4Xs per year)
  • Name (in text only) on all Corporate Support signage in high traffic areas throughout the meeting including:
    • Registration Area
    • Opening Session
    • ASA Resource Center
  • Annual Meeting Supporter designation on exhibit booth at annual meeting
  • ASA Annual Meeting Supporter ribbons for all company staff at the annual meeting
  • New! ASAP Daily (e-newsletter sent via email every day during the annual meeting)
  • ANESTHESIOLOGY 2014TM preliminary program
  • ANESTHESIOLOGY 2014TM pocket guide
  • Text designating company's exhibit booth as an Annual Meeting Supporter on event collateral:
    • ANESTHESIOLOGY 2014TM pocket guide
  • Highlighted exhibit booth position in Exhibit Hall map in pocket guide

Promotional Opportunity

  • Opportunity to place full-page, 4-color ad in pocket guide

Participation Opportunities

  • One (1) additional badge per 100 square feet of booth space at annual meeting 
  • Opportunity to host a Corporate Non-CME Educational Update 
  • New! Opportunity to host a Focus Group in conjunction with the annual meeting 

 Supporter Review

  • Fulfillment report following annual meeting
  • Annual meeting with ASA staff to review supporter objectives


Investment: $25,000

Please note that exhibit booths and advertising are not part of the supporter fee and must be reserved separately.

The ASA Annual Meeting Supporter package is limited to just 10 companies and will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information about becoming an ASA Annual Meeting Supporter, please contact Sara Moser, director of marketing and corporate development, at (847) 268-9230 or by email at