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ASA State Component Societies

Each state component is unique. Depending on member need and interest, the component may offer programs and meetings of interest to its members. Additionally, other key functions of our state component societies include:

Giving Anesthesiology a Political Voice in State and Local Government Issues

One of the primary purposes of the component society is to represent the interests of its members in the governmental process. Component membership allows the state component to provide the representation necessary to effect state legislation and regulation, as well as participation in the federal arena.

Providing Opportunities for Volunteerism and Leadership Development

Although the types of opportunities vary, state components can offer an opportunity to serve on committees and in leadership positions. Component activities can provide a pathway to becoming involved at the national level in activities of the ASA.

Providing Key Educational Experiences

Many components provide educational opportunities for members, ranging from large annual meetings to practice specific topics of current interest.

Representing the Interests of Its Members in ASA Governance Activities 

Each component has representation in the ASA Board of Directors and House of Delegates. By participating in your component society, you can influence the ASA's agenda and affect national policy making.

Increasing the Visibility of the ASA as an Advocate for Anesthesiology and Patient Safety 

Component societies are important players in creating effective advocacy and implementing standards and policies at the local level.

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