Family-friendly Options

Share your San Francisco experience with your family!
San Francisco offers a variety of attractions to interest everyone who visits the beautiful Bay Area, making it the perfect family-friendly destination. Explore our curated list of local attractions for information about making the most of your time in the city.

Children at the Meeting
Babywearing and infants in strollers are permitted in the Connection Center during regular show hours. Babywearing and carried infants are permitted in educational sessions. Children under 16 years of age will not be allowed in educational sessions or in the Connection Center (exhibit hall). If you feel there are extenuating circumstances that warrant an exception to this policy, please contact for further information.

Mother's Room
Moscone Center, West, Level 3
A private and secure space is available in the Moscone Center and open daily. The complimentary lounge area will offer comfortable seating, convenient access to power, refrigerated storage and water.

Child Care Information
Child care options are available in San Francisco;   View the list of hotel phone numbers and check with the concierge upon or prior to your arrival to make arrangements.

Here are some things your family can do while you are in sessions!

6 San Francisco Family Activities

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