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The importance of the PSH Learning Collaborative from the physician’s perspective:


The Perioperative Surgical Home from the patient’s perspective:

“The number one advantage of participating in the PSH Learning Collaborative is the collaborative nature of it—sharing resources and building relationships.”

-- Gary Stier, M.D., M.B.A., Physician Anesthesiologist, Loma Linda University Health

"The most important part of the PSH is that you're helping the patient because when they have fewer complications, when they don't get readmitted to the hospital, that's less time away from family and less time away from the work.”

-- Gary Loyd, M.D., Director Perioperative Surgical Home, Henry Ford Health System

"Implementing a PSH program has been multifactorial in terms of its financial savings. Not only have we found ways to reduce the cost of care, we've also found ways to improve the quality of care."

-- Benjamin Sherman, M.D., Physician Anesthesiologist, Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital

"Core Collaborative participants are generally those who've read about the Perioperative Surgical Home, they've been to a couple presentations, maybe even tried to start it in their own organization but really have been struggling to get off the ground."

-- Michael Schweitzer, M.D., Medical Director, Perioperative Surgical Home

“The PSH Learning Collaborative Advanced Cohort provided our institution the opportunity to develop the data collection tools that were required for participation.”

-- Benjamin Sherman, M.D., Physician Anesthesiologist, Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital