Quality and Regulatory Affairs (QRA) supports members in a variety of quality management matters that include as quality reporting, quality measurement and patient safety. QRA works with ASA committees and physician leaders to developing essential quality and regulatory information for ASA members.

  • Committees: QRA supports the activities of several ASA committees overseeing quality and regulatory issues. These committees include, but are not limited to, the Committee on Quality Management & Departmental Administration (QMDA) and the Committee on Performance and Outcomes Measurement (CPOM).
  • Accrediting Organizations: QRA continues to build and foster relationships accrediting organizations and measure-setting stakeholders.
  • Agencies and Entities: QRA works to strengthen relationships with regulatory agencies and entities.
  • Anesthesia Quality Institute (AQI)As part of the Quality Division, QRA interacts with the Anesthesia Quality Institute on a number of levels that include assisting members with reporting PQRS via the Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR). QRA and AQI work together to ensure members have the opportunity to report on measures that are meaningful to them, their practice and patients.
  • QRA Common Questions: QRA publishes brief reports outlining timely issues and topics that in which ASA members have expressed interest. 
  • QMDA Toolkit: This resource was created by QMDA and contains documents and guidelines for ensuring practice compliance with various regulations, policies, guidelines and standards.

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