ASA Monitor Articles on Ethics

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July 2016

Kenneth R. Abbey, M.D., J.D.; Richard L. Wolman, M.D., M.A. Better Not to Publish at All Than to Publish Bad ScienceASA Monitor. July 2016, Vol.80, 48-49.
June 2016

Michael Nurok, M.B., Ch.B., Ph.D.; Genewoo Hong, J.D., M.D.; Neal H. Cohen, M.D., M.P.H., M.S.  Anesthesiologists and Fatigue: A Call to Action. ASA Monitor. June 2016, Vol.80, 26-29.

April 2016

Crossley L, Pentakota S. Now Is the Time for a Paradigm Shift in Geriatric Anesthesia. ASA Monitor. April, 2016;80(4):40-41.

March 2016

Francis MC, Tolba R. Ethics and Professionalism in Pain Medicine. ASA Monitor. March, 2016;80(3):12-13.

July 2015

Jericho BG, Kras JF. Patients From Correctional Facilities and Informed Consent. ASA Monitor. July, 2015;79(7):46-47.

June 2014

Kelly RJ. Committee news: inception of the National Practitioner Data Bank considerations. ASA Newsl. June, 2014;78(6):50-51.

March 2014

Giesecke NM. Observations: an ethical view. ASA Newsl. March, 2014;78(3):4-5.

Jacobs JS. Protecting patients from physician incompetence. ASA Newsl. March, 2014;78(3):10-12.

Kelly RJ. Perioperative do-not-resuscitate orders. ASA Newsl. March, 2014;78(3):14-15, 47. 

Kang WB. WNL: ‘within normal limits’ or ‘we never listened’? ASA Newsl. March, 2014;78(3):16-17.

Epstein J. Moral hazards presented by the anesthesia company model. ASA Newsl. March, 2014;78(3):18-19.

Abbey KR. Ethical and legal implications of special relationships among health care providers. ASA Newsl. March, 2014;78(3):20-22.

December 2013

Jacobs JS. Committee news: practical considerations with drug shortages. ASA Newsl. December, 2013;77(12):40-41.

March 2013

Jericho BG, Jacobs J. Living-related transplantation of a kidney with a mass. ASA Newsl. March, 2013;77(3):40-41.

November 2012

Van Norman GA. Committee news: ethical challenges of routine preoperative tests. ASA Newsl. November, 2012;76(11):42-43.

July 2012

Jacobs JS, West JM. Committee news: ethics – problem-based learning discussion. ASA Newsl. July, 2012;76(7):44. 

Jackson S, Sereno M. Mentoring key to smooth professional transitions [letter to editor]. ASA Newsl. 2012;76(7):61.

June 2012

Jericho BG. Patient management:  decision-making capacity/perioperative DNR/DNI orders.  ASA Newsl. 2012;76(6):52-53.

March 2012

Sadovnikoff N. A real-life case from the Committee on Ethics – informed consent. ASA Newsl. March, 2012;76(3):34.

Van Norman GA. Physician-assisted suicide: what do we know? ASA Newsl. March, 2012;76(3):36-37.

May 2011

Van Norman GA, Jackson SH. Back to our roots: the importance of enforcing professionalism at ASA. ASA Newsl. May, 2011;75(5):10-12.

Van Norman GA, Jackson SH. Ethical issues in the publication of medical research. ASA Newsl. May, 2011;75(5):14-16.

Lanier WL. The broad implications of clinical research fraud. ASA Newsl. May, 2011;75(5):18-19.  

Shafer SL. Research fraud in anesthesia.  ASA Newsl. May, 2011;75(5):20-21.  

September 2010

Van Norman G.Ethics involving professional interactions. ASA Newsl. September, 2010;74(9):10.  

Ma L, Souter M. Ethical issues in resident education in the O.R. ASA Newsl. September, 2010;74(9):12-14.

Lombaard S, Robbertze R. Resident/Attending conflicts in case management. ASA Newsl. September, 2010;74(9):16-18.

Jacobs JS. Is there an obligation for anesthesiologists to protect patients from incompetent surgeons? ASA Newsl. September, 2010;74(9):20-23.