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Clarification of ASA's Promotion of Research Presented at ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2015: 'Most healthy women would benefit from light meal during labor'

In response to some concerns from ASA members, we want to clarify that our news releases are solely efforts to highlight abstracts of research and studies presented at the meeting. These news releases should not be perceived as an endorsement or support from the ASA. The ANESTHESIOLOGY® annual meeting provides a forum for researchers throughout the county and the world to present the latest information in the field of anesthesiology. News releases are written from the perspective of the researchers or study authors. Furthermore, these promotions are not intended to conflict with ASA guidelines but rather to highlight news that will be of interest to consumer and trade media as well as medical colleagues. There are processes in place to review the research promoted and ASA will continue to follow the process and adhere to the highest professional standards to advance the specialty.

At this past ASA House of Delegates meeting on October 28th, the Practice Guidelines for Obstetric Anesthesia: an Updated Report were passed and will be posted to the in the near future. On page 12 of the attached guidelines is the language: solid foods should be avoided in laboring patients.  

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