Patient Safety

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Improving patient outcomes is priority for anyone in the medical profession, but especially for physicians. ASA offers a variety of Patient Safety courses in various formats to give you access to the learning you need. The following courses help to fulfill the 20 CME for Part II of the ABA’s MOCA requirements.  

Fundamentals of Patient Safety
Participate in this interactive, online CME course covering patient safety principles, reinforced with anesthesia-specific scenarios and examples. Case studies, quizzes and exercises within the course provide ample opportunity to apply patient safety concepts to the practice of anesthesiology.

NEW! SEE and Patient Safety education package
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Patient Safety Online Modules
Advance your patient safety skills and ensure your patients get the best quality of care. Choose from a broad list of patient safety-focused topics that will help you fill in knowledge gaps.

NEW! Patient Safety Module - Perioperative Delirium
Gain knowledge and skills to effectively utilize tools for assessing delirium, recognize the risk factors associated with delirium and identify potential prevention and treatment options for perioperative delirium.

Patient Safety