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For the first time, practicing physicians will be able to participate in high-fidelity simulation scenarios within a gaming environment to fulfill their continuing medical education requirements and to improve performance in the management of anesthesia emergencies.

Anesthesia SimSTAT, brought to you by ASA and CAE Healthcare, is a virtual Operating Room (O.R.) for anesthesia professionals that incorporates CAE Healthcare’s HPS patient simulator physiology.  Beginning in 2017, a series of continuing education modules will be released that incorporate modeled patient physiology and can be accessed from a laptop anywhere and anytime. 

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Featured Highlights:

  • Virtual patients with unique, realistic diseases and based on physiologic models that respond appropriately to clinical interactions.
  • A full complement of interactive anesthesia-related equipment, and monitors with live physiologic data and waveform tracings.
  • Complete tracking of users’ actions, providing formative performance feedback, and identifying strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement.

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Anesthesia SimSTAT
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